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Premium Spray Products Canada supplies a variety of different trailer packages designed to suit your business.

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When purchasing a spray foam rig, there are many options available. Make sure you choose a package that will suit your business and the Canadian climate. Beware that some equipment packages are designed for warmer climates and do not function properly in the Canadian climate.

Premium Spray Products Canada offers the full line of PremiRig trailers built for our climate. These trailers offer introductory level PremiRig 1.0 units which are designed for affordability and quality application. PremiRig 2.0 offers increased power to operate a Graco E30 or H25 system. These rigs operate in all four seasons through the toughest part of winter. The PremiRig 3.0 takes the PremiRig 2.0 to a new level with extra power to operate multiple pumps or other devices.

The PremiRig 2.0i is built to support the innovative Graco E30i Integrated Reactor. This unit combines a generator with the Reactor pump to create a smaller, quieter, fuel saving unit that offers the full capacity of an E30. These units are ideal to mount in a 14 foot box on a truck or to pull in a trailer.

Custom mobile spray rigs can be built to meet your specific needs.

Call for prices for fully equipped trailers. There are several different options that you might want to consider depending on your business model.  We can be reached at 855-742-3626.

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