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Foamsulate™ ECO

Foamsulate™ ECO is our medium density 2 lb CCMC 13527-L foam for residential and commercial applications. Foamsulate™ ECO is a tested Air Barrier System, CCMC 13583-R.

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Foamsulate™ ECO - Exclusive to Canada!

  1. Foamsulate™ ECO is a medium-density closed-cell spray foam which conforms to the CAN/ULC S705.1 standard for residential and commercial applications involving the National Building Code of Canada.
  2. Foamsulate™ ECO offers an excellent long term thermal resistance (LTTR) of 5.7 per 25mm of insulation at 50mm thickness. The spray foam industry takes the long term view of using long term applied insulation values to describe the R value of a project. Other types of insulation provide an initial tested value that may not be indicative of the long term insulation value.
  3. Foamsulate™ ECO is a Type 2 CCMC listed polyurethane foam. This is the highest classification for LTTR that the industry has and indicates an excellent LTTR value.
  4. Foamsulate™ ECO provides an air and vapour barrier for your project.
  5. Foamsulate™ ECO is a new generation spray foam. It utilizes the next generation blowing agent with zero ozone depletion.
  6. Foamsulate™ ECO must be applied by a certified contractor who follows the application standard in the National Building Code of Canada.
  7. Watch a video of Foamsulate™ ECO applied to a mock wall.

Foamsulate™ ECO - Our most popular Spray Foam on the Market

Foamsulate™ ECO has achieved the “Type 2” classification for high R-Value in Canada. This product greatly helps a building achieve energy efficiency and offers improved air quality and comfort. Foamsulate™ ECO adds lasting strength and value to buildings as it does not settle, sag or deteriorate. It contains rapidly renewable and recycled ingredients.

We offer products formulated for consistency and performance. We test every batch of material to ensure that all of our material meets our uncompromising quality requirements.

Spray foam is the premium choice for residential and commercial insulation applications. Canada has strict guidelines and testing to ensure that all spray foam products meet material and application CAN/ULC (Underwriters Laboratory of Canada) specifications. 

Keeping the heat in and the cold out…

Your customers deserve the best insulation … and that's Foamsulate™ ECO! Applying our residential and commercial polyurethane foam insulation has many benefits and is the preferred way to insulate against winter cold and summer heat. Our foam insulation can save up to 30%-50% each year in heating and cooling costs … and can pay for itself in just a few years.

Here are a few other benefits…
  • Foam insulation can be applied quickly.
  • It is applied by trained, certified applicators.
  • Acts as an air barrier and vapour barrier.
  • It seals out drafts and won't sag, shrink or shift like batts or loose fill.
  • It's mould, mildew and pest resistant and reduces noise.
  • Does not damage the ozone layer.
Benefits of Spray Foam

There are several reasons to use spray foam. Quick installation, energy savings, environmental friendliness, health, and durability are primary benefits.

Foamsulate™ ECO spray foam acts as an air and vapour barrier, and is applied by trained and certified applicators. Air infiltration/exfiltration can account for 30%-50% of energy loss in a building. Foamsulate™ ECO spray foam acts as an air barrier to stop this air leakage which can cause high energy bills.

Foamsulate™ ECO products enhance the durability of your building. Spray foam works to control moisture in your building as it is a vapour barrier, and stops moisture accumulation from convection. This adds to the life of buildings as moisture is a primary source of building failure. Spray foam also adds to the integrity of a building. Independent testing shows that wall assemblies using spray foam have racking strength 2-3 times higher than traditional wall assemblies.

By reducing moisture, Foamsulate™ ECO can also make your building healthier. Mould needs water, appropriate temperatures, and food to survive. Water is the easiest of these factors to control, so you can help control mould in a building by using spray foam.

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