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General purpose spray foam is used for projects that do not require CCMC listing. There are a wide range of applications for these materials.

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Foamsulate™ 205
  1. Foamsulate™ 205 is a medium density closed cell spray foam which is primarily used for insulating projects such as metal buildings, tanks and agriculture.
  2. Foamsulate™ 205 is rated as a Class 1 flame spread.
  3. Foamsulate™ 205 is self adhering and seamless.
  4. Foamsulate™ 205 controls air/moisture infiltration, is a vapour barrier at 2 inch (50mm) thickness, and increases structural strength. It is easy to apply and is a zero ozone depleting material.
  5. Contractors appreciate the spray-ability and high yield of Foamsulate 205.
Foamsulate™ 240 HT
  1. Foamsulate™ 240 HT is a general purpose foam designed for use in application where temperatures may reach up to 250ºF.
  2. Foamsulate™ 240 HT has excellent spray-ability, especially for high temperature foam.
PremiPour™ 202M
  1. PremiPour™ 202M is intended as a general purpose, poured in place foam system that meets U.S Coast Guard Specifications for flotation and fire retardancy.
  2. PremiPour™ 202M is also widely used in ditch break assemblies.


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