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Premium Spray Products Canada offers our Tec Liner Secondary Containment System.

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Premium Spray Products Canada Tec Liner system protects the environment from leaks, spills, and/or overflow from areas that contain hazardous materials. Liner systems need to be built to our experienced specifications. Contact Premium Spray Products Canada for our Secondary Containment Specification.

This innovative system has been in use for over 20 years supplying reliable containment to contractors and businesses. Secondary containment is ideal for chemical storage, mine sites, oil refinery and tank sites, and radioactive sites. Our liners are designed to exceed Arctic conditions, providing flexibility and long term security even in extreme conditions. This membrane is tough, and provides superior impact resistance for long term use.

The Tec Liner System is spray applied to provide a positive seal around protrusions. It can follow any contour, bond to a wide variety of substrates, repair easily, and provides a monolithic containment barrier. PSP Canada Tec liner can be left exposed due to its UV stability enabling flexibility of project design. This aids easy leak detection around pipes and vessels.

Our system offers seamless design to eliminate problem areas. Seams require special attention and are the highest fail point of sheet good systems.

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